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“Your BEST CHOICE for 5th

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EXPERIENCE Doing the Job

and was Appointed by the 

Mayor and City Council”

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Experience Makes Eddie Bell the Natural Choice

Edward Bell knows how to represent the 5th District because he’s been representing you already for the last 4 years! 

According to the Kansas City Star,“Bell…has already represented his district on the Public Improvement Advisory Committee (PIAC) for the last four years, and has seen first-hand the way city government does and does not work.”

Same Job. Bigger Budget. No Brainer.

Compare Eddie Bell’s Current Position the City Council Job

Compare Mr. Bell’s work on the Kansas City Public Improvement Advisory Committee (PIAC) to the type of work he’ll be doing on the City Council. Look no further for the best qualified candidate!

Kansas City Council
Eddie Bell is a Candidate for this Council
$70 Million Budget
13 Member Council
4 Year Term
Elected by the Public
Represents Individual Districts
Handles Projects Like:
  • Establishing city laws and policies
  • Approving budgets for all departments
  • Deciding how to spend sales tax dollars
  • Public services including safety and utilities
  • Livability, health, public infrastructure, economic development and public safety
Kansas City PIAC
Eddie Bell has Served 4 Years on this Committee
$4.5 Million Budget
13 Member Council
4 Year Term
Appointed by the Mayor & City Council
Represents Individual District
Handles Projects Like:
  • Recommending how city and neighborhood budget dollars are spent
  • Answering requests for public improvements
  • Trails, bike lanes, green spaces, livability
  • Drainage, bridges, streets and roads
  • City building improvements
  • Community centers, ball fields and pools
  • Curbs, gutters, monuments and fountains

Same Job. Bigger Budget. No Brainer.

Representing the VALUES You Share


Eddie brought all six districts together to fund the Kansas City Community Gardens—a group that“assists low-income households and community groups in the Kansas City metropolitan area to produce vegetables and fruit from garden plots located in backyard, vacant lots, and at community sites.” He is committed to cooperating with fellow councilmen and fellow districts to work together for Kansas City.


Bell served as Executive Director of the NACCC and helped bring together contractors, the Full Employment Council and the Community Action Network together all under one roof along the distress corridor. This project provides GED assistance, job search, participation in city development projects to help people develop job skills, utility and housing assistance, emergency medical care, and housing, food and livability resources in one, easy-to-access location. He is dedicated to meeting the needs of all Kansas City residents to make life better for everyone. 


Every resident will tell you how important safety is to a livable, enjoyable community life. Better lighting in residential and commercial areas, security cameras, reduction of illegal dumping and blight all contribute to a safer neighborhood. Eddie Bell has voted for community improvement projects that address all of these concerns. In addition, he is a firm supporter of the Kansas City Police Department. At least one officer has declared, “Eddie Bell is the one we should be supporting.”


He has already served four years (and is still serving) on the Public Improvement Advisory Committee where he advocates for improvements in community security, streets, parks, trails, green spaces and other improvements that make our city a great place to live. Eddie appreciates architectural and natural beauty. He is endorsed by the Sierra Club.


More than a public servant, Eddie Bell is a licensed and certified educator through the American Board of Certified Teacher Excellence and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in Washington, D.C. He serves as a substitute teacher for public education. He is also the Superintendent of Christian Education at St. James UMC. He is also well educated himself, holding a B.S. in Public

Administration, a B.A. in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He is a great example to our youth of the importance of education and what you can accomplish at an early age when you are committed and hard working. 

Integrity/Moral Compass

Like many professionals, at one point Eddie left Kansas City to seek greater opportunities. But his moral compass led him home again. He asked, “Why would I make another city better when I can go home and improve my own?”

Since his return, Eddie has devoted uncounted hours of community service. His consulting business, Clearpointe Executive Consulting, helps local KC businesses grow from 5-figures to 6-figures in less than a year, bringing jobs, income and tax revenue that benefit our community.


Eddie Bell is a church going man and he’s not afraid to hide it. When you ask him why he does what he does—serves on committees, makes the 5th District more livable, beautifies the community to fight blight, serves on non-profit boards, and more—when you really push him, it all comes down to faith and loving his neighbor. He came home to Kansas City to make a difference. Your vote will let him do just that.


Without hope, very little becomes of our lives. To many people in the 5th District, hope means hoping for a better life. A better life looks like a better job, increased skills, houses that are lived in instead of crumbling to the ground. Hope looks like a vacant lot filled with a community garden instead of piles of trash. Hope looks like getting the care you need when you’re down on your luck. Eddie Bell has faith that his service as a City Councilman will bring you HOPE.

Inspiring Vision: Bell is Here to Do Great Things

Here is the short list of goals Eddie Bell has for his first term in office:

  • Solve the trash pickup problem in the city

  • Eliminate illegal dumping in blighted areas

  • Reduce restrictions on the amount of trash people put out

  • Redesign bulk trash pick up to get trash out of empty lots

  • Make manhole covers locally with local workers instead of buying them from India

  •   Reclaim and reuse large trash and other dumped items by creating a sorting facility to separate and sort these different materials. Put a manufacturing plant on the east side of the District and on that Bannister Federal Complex site to handle recyclables, including making manhole covers.Turn recycling into a profitable, community wide effort.

  • Mind to market initiatives. KC is the city of fountains. We can create a vocational technology program that creates a track to union participation including apprenticeship programs that help workers acquire new skills by participating in building new fountains. This includes all the different smiths and skill sets that it takes to build fountains. Then these newly trained professionals can build fountains for the city that we can then sell to other municipalities. In this way we can take one city dollar and turn it into two dollars. Then you have a sustainable project that improves our community with dignity.
  • Young Urban Entrepreneurs Program that incorporates entrepreneurial training into junior high and high school programs that also focuses on social entrepreneurship. This will engage the youth to understand global commerce, global markets, sound business practices and being a good student with the resources that God gave them.

  • Deal with absentee landlords and abandoned houses
  • Take abandoned lots and turn them into pocket parks and trails, including stationary workout equipment to raise property values, livability and a feeling of safety.

  • Urban gardens – teach people how to convert unused land into something beneficial. Food deserts with little access to fresh fruits and vegetable. Do this in an entrepreneurial way that gives people a sense of ownership versus consumership. 

  • Be available to voters in the District so leadership is accessible to the public by opening satellite offices. Make council members approachable, accessible and accountable – willing to answer tough questions and to tell the truth.

  • Have public forums and events that allow people to become engaged in the process. Once you’re engaged, you become empowered. 

  • Leverage opportunities to partner workforce, employers and public departments to provide hands on, paid training opportunities.
  • Facilitate economic development by utilizing abandoned commercial sites as locations for small manufacturing and green manufacturing.

  • Build relationships between residents and developers in residential areas and development projects to address neighborhood blight.

  • Develop affordable, multi-modal transportation that allows residents to travel to places where they can find new opportunities for education and employment.
  • Assist business owners by planning public transportation that gives residents greater access to businesses and venues.

  • Develop transportation plans that give residents greater access to amenities like Swope Park, the Zoo, Starlight Theater, nature centers, dog parks, soccer and baseball fields, trails and bike lanes. 

Join the Campaign to Elect Eddie Bell!

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